China Hot selling HD90149326112 Side Gear for Lgmg Mt86h Cmt96 CZPT Skt80 Skt90s Tonly 855 875 885 Dump Truck Mining Truck Spare Parts worm gear winch

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We are professional at Chinese heavy truck & mining off-road spare parts. Like CHINAMFG LGMG MT86 &TONLY 875 885 CHINAMFG SKT90 SKT80 quality original spare parts .

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7 135712000093A266 Pangp-Oil
8 135712000093A267 Gagegp-Oil
9 135712000093A268 oil filter
10 135712000093A269 Contgp-Xmsnhyd
11 135712000093A270 Rear-Pto As.
12 135712000093A349 Gearbox Peripheral Connectot
13 135712000093A272 Ring-Snap
14 135712000093A273 Plate-Side
15 135712000093A274 Adapter-Drive
16 135712000093A275 Seal-O-Ringo
17 135712000093A276 Impeller
18 135712000093A277 Dowel
19 135712000093A278 Ring-Retaining
20 135712000093A279 Hub-Impeller
21 135712000093A280 Washer-Hard
22 135712000093A281 Bolt-Sockethead
23 135712000093A282 Race-Brgthrust
24 135712000093A283 Bearing-Thrust
25 135712000093A284 Carrier-Stator
26 135712000093A285 Bearing-Thrust
27 135712000093A286 Stator-Converter
28 13571800571A Couplingas
29 135712000093A287 Bolt-Hexhead
30 135712000093A288 Ring-Sealmetal
31 135712000093A289 Retainer
32 135712000093A290 Seal-Oringo
33 135712000093A291 Plug-Ldstor
34 135712000093A292 Bolt-Hexsocket
35 135712000093A293 Bolt
36 135712000093A038 Washer
37 135712000093A294 Housingas
38 135712000093A295 Ring-Seal
39 135712000093A296 Piston-Clutch
40 135712000093A297 Ring-Seal
41 135712000093A298 Seal-O-Ring
42 135712000093A299 Plate-Splined
43 135712000093A300 Plate
44 135712000093A301 Disc-Friction
45 135712000093A302 Plate-Backing
46 135712000093A303 Turbine
47 135712000093A304 Hub-Turbine
48 135712000093A305 Race-Thrust
49 135712000093A306 Cam-Freewheel
50 135712000093A307 Roller-Freewheel
51 135712000093A308 Spring-Free Wheel
52 135712000093A309 Cup-Spltapered
53 135712000093A310 Cone-Spltapered
54 135712000093A311 Ring-Retaining
55 135712000093A312 Ring-Seal
56 135712000093A313 Seal-Liptype
57 135712000093A314 Slud-Straight
58 135712000093A038 Washer
59 135712000093A315 Nut-Hex
60 135712000093A571 Breatheras
61 135712000093A316 Bolt-Hexhead
62 135712000093A317 Housingas-TC
63 135712000093A571 Q-Ring
64 135712000093A318 Seal-O-Ringo
65 135712000093A319 Carrieras
66 135712000093A320 Gear
67 135712000093A321 Cone-Rollerbng
68 135712000093A322 Gear
69 135712000093A323 Shieldas
70 135712000093A324 Cup-Rollerbrg
71 135712000093A325 Cup-RWbearing
72 135712000093A326 Cone-Rirbearing
73 135712000093A327 Lock-Nut
74 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
75 135712000093A329 Gasket
76 A210405000011 Washer
77 135712000093A330 Bolt-Sockethead
78 135712000093A331 Srator-Retarder
79 135712000093A332 Ring-Seal
80 135712000093A333 Rotor-Retarder
81 135712000093A334 Stator-Retarder
82 135712000093A335 Washer-Hard
83 135712000093A336 Bolt-Hexhead
84 135712000093A337 Plug-Ldstor
85 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
86 135712000093A339 Housingas
87 135712000093A340 Nut-Bearing Lock
88 135712000093A341 Seal-Q-Ringo
89 135712000093A342 Manifold
90 135712000093A343 Bolt-Hexhead
91 135712000093A344 Washer-Hard
92 135712000093A345 Bolt-Hexhead
93 135712000093A346 Bolt-Hexhead
94 135712000093A347 Race-Outer
95 135712000093A348 Bolt-Hexhead
96 135712000093A060 Manifold
97 135712000093A061 Gasket-Rearhsg
98 135712000093A062 Ring-Seal(Ext)
99 135712000093A063 Piston
100 135712000093A064 Ring-Seal(Int)
101 135712000093A065 Ring-Retaining
102 135712000093A066 Bearingas
103 135712000093A038 Washer
104 135712000093A067 Bolt-Hexhead
105 135712000093A068 Housing
106 135712000093A069 Rotor-Output
107 135712000093A070 Plug-Ldstar
108 135712000093A071 Seal-O-Ringo
109 135712000093A016 Oil Seal
110 135712000093A072 Plug-Ldstor
111 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
112 135712000093A073 Carrier-Planet
113 135712000093A074 Bearing-RIr
114 135712000093A075 Shaft
115 135712000093A076 Gear-Planet
116 135712000093A077 Bearing-Spl
117 135712000093A078 Shaftas-Planet
118 135712000093A079 Disc-Thrust
119 135712000093A080 Gear-Ring
120 135712000093A081 Plate-Clutch
121 135712000093A082 Plate-Clutch
122 135712000093A083 Disc-Friction
123 135712000093A084 Bearing-Thrust
124 135712000093A085 Spring
125 135712000093A086 Pin
126 135712000093A087 Plate-Clutch
127 135712000093A088 Pin
128 135712000093A089 Spring
129 135712000093A090 Gear-Ring
130 135712000093A091 Ring-Seal(Int)
131 135712000093A092 Piston
132 135712000093A093 Ring-Seal(Ext)
133 135712000093A094 Seal-O-Ringo
134 135712000093A341 Seal-O-Ringo
135 135712000093A095 Bolt-Hexhead
136 135712000093A344 Washer-Hard
137 135712000093A096 Bolt-Hexhead
138 135712000093A097 Plug-Ldstor
139 135712000093A098 Caseas-Xmsn
140 135712000093A099 Ring-Lock
141 135712000093A100 Carrier-Planet
142 135712000093A101 Ring-Retaining
143 135712000093A102 Plate-Clutch
144 135712000093A103 Pin-Spring
145 135712000093A104 Shaftas.-Planet
146 135712000093A105 Bearing
147 135712000093A106 Gear-Planet
148 135712000093A107 Disc-Thrust
149 135712000093A108 Bearing-Thrust
150 135712000093A109 Shaft-Center
151 135712000093A110 Camier-Bearing
152 135712000093A111 Gear-Sun
153 135712000093A112 Ring-Retaining
154 135712000093A082 Plate-Clutch
155 135712000093A083 Disc-Friction
156 135712000093A084 Bearing-Thrust
157 135712000093A087 Plate-Clutch
158 135712000093A088 Pin
159 135712000093A089 Spring
160 135712000093A091 Ring-Seal(Int)
161 135712000093A092 Piston
162 135712000093A093 Ring-Seal(Ext)
163 135712000093A099 Ring-Lock
164 135712000093A103 Pin-Spring
165 135712000093A113 Spring-Wave
166 135712000093A114 Couplng
167 135712000093A115 Carrieras
168 135712000093A116 Disc-Thrust
169 135712000093A117 Bearing-Riras
170 135712000093A118 Gear-Planet
171 135712000093A119 Shaftas.Planet
172 135712000093A120 Disc-Thrust
173 135712000093A121 Hubas
174 135712000093A122 Seal-Q-Ringo
175 135712000093A123 Cone-Taperedrlr
176 135712000093A124 Cup-Taperedrlr
177 135712000093A125 Seal-O-Ringo
178 135712000093A126 Seal-O-Ringo
179 135712000093A127 Housing-Seal
180 135712000093A128 Screw-Trusshea M8X1
181 135712000093A129 Ring-Metalseal
182 135712000093A130 Ring-Seal
183 135712000093A131 Hub
184 135712000093A132 Seal-Oringo
185 135712000093A133 Plate-Clutch
186 135712000093A134 Ring-Seal
187 135712000093A135 Plate-Clutch
188 135712000093A136 Bearing-Needle
189 135712000093A137 Ring-Lock
190 135712000093A138 Disc-Thrust
191 135712000093A139 Ring-Seal(Ext)
192 135712000093A140 Piston
193 135712000093A141 Spring-Coned
194 135712000093A142 Piston
195 135712000093A143 Ring-Seal(Ext)
196 135712000093A144 Screw-Trusshead
197 135712000093A145 Gear-Sun
198 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
199 135712000093A146 Washer-Hard
200 135712000093A147 Bolt
201 135712000093A148 Manifoldas.
202 135712000093A074 Bearing-Rlr
203 135712000093A108 Bearing-Thrust
204 135712000093A328 Bearing-Thrust
205 135712000093A149 Shaftas
206 135712000093A150 Seal-Oringo
207 135712000093A151 Ring-Seal
208 135712000093A152 Ring-Seal(Ext)
209 135712000093A153 Piston
210 135712000093A154 Spring-Wave
211 135712000093A155 Ring-Spacer
212 135712000093A156 Ring-Retaining
213 135712000093A157 Hub-Clutch
214 135712000093A158 Ring-Retaining
215 135712000093A159 Plate-Clutch
216 135712000093A160 Disc-Friction
217 135712000093A161 Plate-Reaction
218 135712000093A162 Ring-Retaining
219 135712000093A329 Gasket
220 135712000093A163 Bearing-Inner
221 135712000093A164 Ring-Seal
222 135712000093A165 Seal-O-Ringo
223 135712000093A166 Adapter-Str
224 135712000093A167 Seal-O-Ringo
225 135712000093A168 Pumpgp-Gr1
226 135712000093A038 Washer
227 135712000093A169 Bolt-Hexhead
228 135712000093A170 Tubeas
229 135712000093A171 Plate
230 135712000093A172 Boll-Hexhead
231 135712000093A038 Washer
232 135712000093A173 Cover
233 135712000093A174 Gasket
234 135712000093A175 Bolt-Hexhead
235 A210405000001 Washer
236 135712000093A176 Coveras-Rear
237 135712000093A177 Seal-Oringo
238 135712000093A178 Yoke
239 135712000093A015 Seal-O-Ringo
240 135712000093A013 Retainer
241 135712000093A014 Bolt
242 135712000093A179 Seal-O-Ringo
243 135712000093A180 Housing-Screen
244 135712000093A181 Bolt
245 A210405000011 Washer
246 135712000093A182 Adapter-Elbow45
247 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
248 135712000093A183 Seal-O-Ring-Orfso
249 135712000093A184 Adapter-Str
250 135712000093A205 Seal-O-Ringo
251 135712000093A207 Seal-O-Ringo
252 135712000093A185 Tubeas
253 135712000093A186 Seal-O-Ringo
254 135712000093A187 Seal-Oringo
255 135712000093A188 Plug-Ldstor
256 135712000093A030 O-Ring
257 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
258 135712000093A190 Guard
259 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
260 135712000093A192 Washer-Hard
261 135712000093A193 Hexagon Headed Bolt
262 135712000093A194 Bolt-Hexhead
263 135712000093A195 Bolt-Hexhead
264 135712000093A196 Cover
265 135712000093A197 Boll-Hexhead
266 135712000093A571 O-Ring
267 135712000093A026 Screen-Suction
268 135712000093A571 Filter-Magnetic
269 135712000093A198 Bolt-Hexhead
270 135712000093A199 Bolt-Hexhead
271 135712000093A200 Bolt-Hexhead
272 135712000093A038 Washer
273 135712000093A201 Plug-Ldstor
274 135712000093A206 Seal
275 135712000093A202 Pan-Oi
276 135712000093A203 Plug-Ldstor
277 135712000093A204 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
278 135712000093A571 O-Ring
279 135712000093A208 Washer
280 135712000093A209 Bolt-Sockethd
281 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
282 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
283 135712000093A210 Seal-O-Ringo
284 135712000093A211 Clamp
285 135712000093A212 Adapter
286 135712000093A007 Dipstick
287 135712000093A213 Seal-O-Ringo
288 135712000093A214 Bolt-Hexhead
289 135712000093A038 Washer
290 135712000093A215 Bolt-Hexhead
291 135712000093A216 Clip
292 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
293 135712000093A005 Switchas
294 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
295 135712000093A218 Niooleas-Qdisc
296 135712000093A338 Seal-O-Ringo
297 135712000093A219 Filtergp-Oil-D
298 135712000093A221 Baseas-Fitr
299 135712000093A220 Housingas-Fltr
300 135712000093A008 Sensorgp-Spd-A
301 135712000093A009 Seal-O-Ringo
302 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
303 135712000093A222 Boll-Hexhead
304 135712000093A223 Screw
305 135712000093A224 Lock Nut
306 135712000093A225 Mount
307 135712000093A226 Spacer-Exhaust
308 135712000093A192 Washer-Hard
309 135712000093A227 Bolt, Hexagon
310 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
311 135712000093A228 Clip-Ladder
312 135712000093A229 Cap-Connector
313 135712000093A001 Contgp-E
314 135712000093A230 Harnessas
315 135712000093A231 Strap-Cable
316 135712000093A232 Clip-Ladder
317 135712000093A233 Clip-Ladder
318 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
319 135712000093A571 Sensor-Temp
320 135712000093A234 Clip-Ladder
321 135712000093A191 Bolt-Hexhead
322 135712000093A235 Bolt-Hexhead
323 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
324 135712000093A236 Seal-O-Ringo
325 135712000093A006 Valvegp-Mdl-C
326 135712000093A216 Clip
327 135712000093A237 Wireas
328 135712000093A238 Seal-O-Ringo
329 135712000093A072 Plug-Ldstor
330 135712000093A012 Sensorgp-Spd-A
331 135712000093A255 Valvegp-RIf-B
332 135712000093A008 Sensorgp-Spd-A
333 135712000093A009 Seal-O-Ringo
334 135712000093A189 Washer-Hard
335 135712000093A222 Bolt-Hexhead
336 135712000093A217 Strap-Cable
337 135712000093A232 Clip-Ladder
338 135712000093A233 Clip-Ladder
339 135712000093A011 Seal-O-Ring-Storo
340 135712000093A571 Sensor-Temp
341 135712000093A017 Cap-Dust
342 135712000093A239 Bolt-Hexhead
343 135712000093A218 Niooleas-Qdisc
344 135712000093A240 Clip-Ladder
345 135712000093A241 Valvegp-Rtd
346 135712000093A242 Seal-O-Ringo
347 135712000093A243 Bolt-Hexhead
348 135712000093A038 Washer
349 135712000093A097 Plug-Ldstor
350 135712000093A071 Seal-O-Ringo
351 135712000093A019 Plate-Separator

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Application: Machinery, Toy
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Direction
Layout: Three-Ring
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Installation: Oscillating Base Type
Step: Stepless


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worm gear

How does a worm gear impact the overall efficiency of a system?

A worm gear has a significant impact on the overall efficiency of a system due to its unique design and mechanical characteristics. Here’s a detailed explanation of how a worm gear affects system efficiency:

A worm gear consists of a worm (a screw-like gear) and a worm wheel (a cylindrical gear with teeth). When the worm rotates, it engages with the teeth of the worm wheel, causing the wheel to rotate. The main factors influencing the efficiency of a worm gear system are:

  • Gear Reduction Ratio: Worm gears are known for their high gear reduction ratios, which are the ratio of the number of teeth on the worm wheel to the number of threads on the worm. This high reduction ratio allows for significant speed reduction and torque multiplication. However, the larger the reduction ratio, the more frictional losses occur, resulting in lower efficiency.
  • Mechanical Efficiency: The mechanical efficiency of a worm gear system refers to the ratio of the output power to the input power, accounting for losses due to friction and inefficiencies in power transmission. Worm gears typically have lower mechanical efficiency compared to other gear types, primarily due to the sliding action between the worm and the worm wheel teeth. This sliding contact generates higher frictional losses, resulting in reduced efficiency.
  • Self-Locking: One advantageous characteristic of worm gears is their self-locking property. Due to the angle of the worm thread, the worm gear system can prevent the reverse rotation of the output shaft without the need for additional braking mechanisms. While self-locking is beneficial for maintaining position and preventing backdriving, it also increases the frictional losses and reduces the efficiency when the gear system needs to be driven in the opposite direction.
  • Lubrication: Proper lubrication is crucial for minimizing friction and maintaining efficient operation of a worm gear system. Inadequate or improper lubrication can lead to increased friction and wear, resulting in lower efficiency. Regular lubrication maintenance, including monitoring viscosity, cleanliness, and lubricant condition, is essential for optimizing efficiency and reducing power losses.
  • Design and Manufacturing Quality: The design and manufacturing quality of the worm gear components play a significant role in determining the system’s efficiency. Precise machining, accurate tooth profiles, proper gear meshing, and appropriate surface finishes contribute to reducing friction and enhancing efficiency. High-quality materials with suitable hardness and smoothness also impact the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Operating Conditions: The operating conditions, such as the load applied, rotational speed, and temperature, can affect the efficiency of a worm gear system. Higher loads, faster speeds, and extreme temperatures can increase frictional losses and reduce overall efficiency. Proper selection of the worm gear system based on the expected operating conditions is critical for optimizing efficiency.

It’s important to note that while worm gears may have lower mechanical efficiency compared to some other gear types, they offer unique advantages such as high gear reduction ratios, compact design, and self-locking capabilities. The suitability of a worm gear system depends on the specific application requirements and the trade-offs between efficiency, torque transmission, and other factors.

When designing or selecting a worm gear system, it is essential to consider the desired balance between efficiency, torque requirements, positional stability, and other performance factors to ensure optimal overall system efficiency.

worm gear

What are the environmental considerations when using worm gears?

When using worm gears, there are several environmental considerations to keep in mind. Here’s a detailed explanation of these considerations:

  1. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for the efficient and reliable operation of worm gears. Lubricants help reduce friction and wear between the gear teeth, resulting in improved efficiency and extended gear life. When selecting lubricants, it is important to consider their environmental impact. Environmentally friendly lubricants, such as biodegradable or synthetic lubricants with low toxicity, can be used to minimize the potential harm to the environment in case of leakage or accidental spills.
  2. Leakage and contamination: Worm gear systems are susceptible to lubricant leakage, which can cause environmental pollution. It is important to ensure that the gear housing is properly sealed to prevent lubricant leakage into the environment. Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out to detect and repair any leaks promptly. Additionally, measures should be taken to prevent contaminants such as dust, dirt, and water from entering the gear system, as they can degrade the lubricant and affect the gear performance.
  3. Energy efficiency: Worm gears, like any mechanical power transmission system, consume energy during operation. It is important to consider energy efficiency when selecting and designing worm gear systems. Optimal gear design, proper gear selection, and efficient lubrication practices can contribute to reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact associated with energy use.
  4. Noise and vibration: Worm gears can generate noise and vibration during operation. Excessive noise can contribute to noise pollution, while high vibration levels can impact the surrounding equipment and structures. To mitigate these effects, it is important to design and manufacture worm gears with low noise and vibration characteristics. This can involve careful gear design, proper lubrication, and the use of vibration-damping materials or mechanisms.
  5. End-of-life considerations: At the end of their service life, worm gear components may need to be replaced or recycled. Disposal of worn-out gears should be done in accordance with applicable environmental regulations. Whenever possible, recycling or reusing gear components can help reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact associated with the disposal of gear materials.
  6. Environmental regulations: Compliance with environmental regulations and standards is crucial when using worm gears. Different regions may have specific regulations governing the use and disposal of lubricants, materials, and manufacturing processes associated with gear systems. It is important to stay informed about these regulations and ensure compliance to avoid any adverse environmental impact and legal consequences.

By considering these environmental factors, it is possible to minimize the ecological footprint of worm gear systems and promote sustainable practices in their use and maintenance. This includes selecting environmentally friendly lubricants, implementing proper sealing and maintenance procedures, optimizing energy efficiency, and adhering to relevant environmental regulations.

worm gear

Are there different types of worm gears available?

Yes, there are different types of worm gears available to suit various applications and requirements. Here are some of the commonly used types:

Single Enveloping Worm Gear:

The single enveloping worm gear, also known as a cylindrical worm gear, has cylindrical teeth on the worm wheel that mesh with the helical thread of the worm. The teeth of the worm wheel wrap around the worm in a single enveloping manner. This design provides better contact and load distribution, resulting in higher load-carrying capacity and smoother operation. Single enveloping worm gears are commonly used in heavy-duty applications where high torque transmission is required.

Double Enveloping Worm Gear:

The double enveloping worm gear is a specialized type of worm gear that provides even greater load-carrying capacity compared to the single enveloping design. In a double enveloping worm gear, both the worm and the worm wheel have curved tooth profiles. The teeth of the worm wrap around the worm wheel while the teeth of the worm wheel wrap around the worm. This double enveloping action increases the contact area, improves load distribution, and enhances the gear’s efficiency. Double enveloping worm gears are used in applications that demand high torque and precision, such as aerospace and defense industries.

Non-enveloping Worm Gear:

The non-enveloping worm gear, also known as a non-throated worm gear, has a worm wheel with teeth that do not fully wrap around the worm. Instead, the worm wheel has straight or slightly curved teeth that engage with the helical thread of the worm. Non-enveloping worm gears are simpler in design and less expensive to manufacture compared to enveloping worm gears. They are commonly used in applications with moderate loads and where cost is a consideration.

Self-locking Worm Gear:

Self-locking worm gears are designed with a specific helix angle of the worm’s thread to provide a self-locking effect. This means that when the worm is not actively driving the worm wheel, the worm wheel is prevented from rotating backward and can hold its position securely. Self-locking worm gears find applications in systems where holding position or preventing backdriving is crucial, such as elevators, lifts, and certain industrial machinery.

These are just a few examples of the different types of worm gears available. The choice of worm gear type depends on factors such as the application requirements, load capacity, efficiency, and cost considerations.

China Hot selling HD90149326112 Side Gear for Lgmg Mt86h Cmt96 CZPT Skt80 Skt90s Tonly 855 875 885 Dump Truck Mining Truck Spare Parts worm gear winchChina Hot selling HD90149326112 Side Gear for Lgmg Mt86h Cmt96 CZPT Skt80 Skt90s Tonly 855 875 885 Dump Truck Mining Truck Spare Parts worm gear winch
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